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What is matter? How is matter classified?

What is matter, compounds & mixtures

States / phases of matter. What are elements, molecules, compounds, mixtures ... more... 

What is ocean acidification

What is ocean acidification

How does man made CO2 cause ocean acidification? What is the effect of it?  more...

what is hunger? What is malnutrition?

Hunger and malnutrition

There is enough produced to feed every mouth, but there is still massive hunger ... more...

What is gmo? What is Genetically modified organism?

Genetic Modification, GMO

Genetic engineering, genetically modified foods, GMO, GE, cloned animals ... more...

Wildfires and forest fires for children


Wildfires, forest fires and many other fires can be fatal, and causes massive destruction... more...

How do floods form

Floods facts and tips

Everywhere that rains fall, there can be floods. Flash floods are usually... more...

How do earthquakes and tsunamis form

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Earthquakes and tsunamis are natural occurrences involving massive earth... more...

How are winds created

How do winds form?

What are winds? How are winds created? Classification and measurement... more...

What is overfishing for kids

What is over-fishing? 

Overfishing is one of the major environmental issues today. But what it it? more...

What is water scarcity for kids

Global water scarcity 

For many people in the world, water is a very scarce resource and continues to more...

What is ozone depletion

What is ozone depletion? 

Why is Ozone depletion a major environmental problem? How is it related to UV rays more...

What is hypertension?

High Blood Pressure 

Why is hypertension called 'The Silent Killer? What complications can occur if a person...

What is Diabetes Type1 and Diabetes Type2?

Diabetes tips and facts for young people

What is Diabetes and what are the types of diabetes? What causes of type 1 diabetes...

What is an Ecosystem for chidren

What is an ecosystem? 

Ecosystems, Biomes, Trophic levels, Food chains, Nitrogen & Carbon cycles, more...

Prevention of Heart disease

What is heart disease? 

What causes heart disease? What are the risk factors? What are the signs or heart disease?

Bullying at schools

Bullying in schools 

What is bullying, and why do bullies bully others? What are the effects and what can you do?

What is environmental pollution for children

Environmental pollution for kids 

More on Air PollutionWater Pollution , Land Pollution, Light Pollution  for kids...

What is cancer? Types of cancer

Cancer facts and tips for children 

Cancer is a word that scares many families. But in many cases it can be preventable. more

Types and kinds of energyAll about Energy

Renewable Energy, Non-renewable energy (fossil fuels), energy kinds (kinetic, potential etc)

Teen Drugs, Drinking & SmokingDrug Abuse, Alcohol and Smoking

Find out the causes and consequences of teen drug abuse, alcoholism and smoking... more

Where do babies come from

Reproduction in humans

Reproduction in humans involve the interaction of male and female sex ...more

Sickle-cell information for kids

The Sickle-Cell Disease

Lets find out what goes on in the blood of sickle-cell people. Get facts and tips... more

Facts and tips on HIV Aids

HIV Aids Explained

Find helpful tips / facts on the causes, risks and behaviors that expose us to the HIV...more

Forests are wonderful natural resources. Lets preserve them.

Help Preserve Our Forests

Many people have no clue how rich and wonderful our forests are, and what... more

Lets learn about Malaria

Information on Malaria

Malaria can be avoided. But to do that we need to know what causes it. In many... more

Lets learn Climate Change and Greenhouse gasses

Global Warming & Climate Change

There are many theories on this topic of Global Warming. Get simple facts and tips with.. More

Recycle, reduce and re-use things!

Waste Management for Kids

Lets have fun with learning more about waste in many places, and how we can all help... more

what is obesity?

What is Obesity for Kids

Find out what dangers are associated with obesity, and what we can do to manage... more

Oral care tips for kids

Tooth care tips for kids

Your teeth can define you, make you loose friends and lower your self esteem. Find...

What is child sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect?

Child Abuse

What is child abuse? Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Child Neglect

Common cold prevention tips for kids

Common cold tips for kids

What is common cold and how do people catch the virus? Can it be cured? Can it be prevented?

What are genes, chromosomes and DNA?

What is genetics

This explains how genes, chromosomes and DNA work. Also learn about cloningstem cells...