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In 2008, we set up this website to provide free information to young people in a fun, fast and illustrative way. The website has grown steadily and has become a very useful place for young people to visit and learn. Our users come from all over the world. Over the years, our headline sponsor, BusinessGhana Interenet Services (www.businessghana.com) has supported us with hosting and other technical needs.

Businessghana.com is Africa's leading Business portal based in Ghana. The site provides free Business Directory, Jobs, Finance, Sports, Real Estate, Autos and many more tools for its users. Additionally, it has advertising, website domain and hosting services as well as business consulting services. eSchoolToday is grateful for their hosting and technical support.

eSchoolToday is a free (not-for-profit) learning website. The entire website is brought to you by volunteers who write, read, find answers, research, illustrate and advice on many things to improve the content and user experience of the site. These volunteers are headed by the team below:

Nii Noi OdonkorNii Noi Odonkor, Co-founder
Nii is an interactive multi-media artist by profession. He specialised in e-learning technologies in the UK. He was born and raised in Ghana, where he had his first degree in Graphic Design. He went on to study for his Masters in Interactive Multi-Media at Staffordshire University in the UK. He provides all the User Interaction design and is passionate about user experience on the site. Since the website was published, he has been a daily contributer and volunteer to the growth and development of the site. His love for art, research and development makes him a very useful member of the team.

Associate Professor Margaret Allotey-PappoeMargaret Allotey-Pappoe, Co-founder
Margaret is Associate Professor of Graphic Design, and the Chair of the Art and Design Department at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. She was born in Ghana, where she had her first degree in Communication Design. She earned her MA and MFA in Visual Communication and Design at Bradley University in the USA. Margaret has delivered many seminars and educational workshops in various parts of the USA. Her eye for detail, depth of understanding of content, and exceptional love for learning has been priceless for the team. She volunteers with researching information, developing illustrations, diagrams, visual presentation and learning strategy for the site.

Kofi Asamoah FrimpongGeorge Asamoa Frimpong, Copy, Content and Quality Control
George is a UK based Ghanaian with a degree in art and a Masters in Interactive Multi-Media. His love for reading, good eye for detail, research and passion to make things better has been a great asset to this website. Over the years, he has and still contributes to the site with proof reading, editing and quality control. He has volunteered since the site was first published in 2008. He presently works in the e-commerce department at Asda Walmart, UK.

We strive to reference all the materials we read in developing the lessons, Under the pages, you will find our sources listed to help you find out and read more it. If you want to reference our site in your articles or papers, please feel free to do so. Websites do not have authors (read more on the APA Style Referencing), but you can use grab the link and the date you read it. That should be enough.

If you have any suggestions to improve on this website, please email

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