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Factsheet on teens and drug abuse

Fact Sheet on Teens and Drug Abuse

bulletAmong adults who smoke, 68 percent began smoking regularly at age 18 or younger, and 85 percent started when they were 21 or younger.

bulletEvery day, almost 3,900 children under 18 years of age try their first cigarette, and more than 950 of them will become new, regular daily smokers. Half of them will ultimately die from their habit.

bulletPeople who begin smoking at an early age are more likely to develop a severe addiction to nicotine than those who start at a later age. Of adolescents who have smoked at least 100 cigarettes in their lifetime, most of them report that they would like to quit, but are not able to do so.

bulletExposure to pro-tobacco marketing and media more than doubles the chances (2.2 times) of children and adolescents starting tobacco use.

bulletOne study found that teens exposed to the greatest amount of smoking in movies were 2.6 times more likely to start smoking themselves compared with teens who watched the least amount of smoking in movies.
Source: www.lung.org

bulletCigarette smoking is the number one cause of preventable disease and death worldwide. Smoking-related diseases claim over 393,000 American lives each year.
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

bulletCigarette smoking accounts for at least 30% of all cancer deaths. It is linked with an increased risk of these cancers: Lung, Larynx (voice box), Oral cavity (mouth, tongue, and lips), Pharynx (throat), Esophagus (tube connecting the throat to the stomach), Stomach, Pancreas, Cervix, Kidney, Bladder, Ovary (a type called mucinous ovarian cancer), Colorectum (the colon and/or the rectum), Acute myeloid leukemia

bullet50% of U.S. teens who start drinking alcohol before age 14 will be addicted to it at some point. 9% of US teens who wait until they turn 21 will be addicted at some point. This means waiting till you are a lot older can help you stay in control better that starting at a very rely age.
Read the story of a teen who says No to alcohol.

bulletAlcohol-related motor accidents are the second leading cause of teen death in the United States.

bulletDrug abuse can put you in danger of getting HIV/AIDS. When a person is high on drugs, his thinking and judgement is broken, making them do risky things. He might have sex without using a condom to protect against HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Drug users can get HIV/AIDS by sharing a needle with someone who is infected.

bulletDoctors have learned that helping people to stop abusing drugs also helps them avoid getting HIV/AIDS.

bulletDid you know that kids who learn a lot about the risks of drugs from their parents are up to 50 percent less likely to use drugs?

bulletAn estimated 208 million people internationally consume illegal drugs.

bullet2007 National Survey in the USA on Drug Use and Health showed that 8% of the population aged 12 or older used illegal drugs.

bulletThe most commonly used illegal drug is marijuana. According to the United Nations 2008 World Drug Report, about 3.9% of the world’s population between the ages of 15 and 64 abuse marijuana.

bulletYoung people today are exposed earlier than ever to drugs. Based on a survey by the Centers for Disease Control in 2007, 45% of high school students nationwide drank alcohol and 19.7% smoked pot during a one-month period.

bulletIn Europe, recent studies among 15- and 16-year-olds suggest that use of marijuana varies from under 10% to over 40%, with the highest rates reported by teens in the Czech Republic (44%), followed by Ireland (39%), the UK (38%) and France (38%). In Spain and the United Kingdom, cocaine use among 15- to 16-year-olds is 4% to 6%. Cocaine use among young people has risen in Denmark, Italy, Spain, UK, Norway and France.

bulletWhen you buy coke, your money is funding organized crime and terrorism. The global cocaine trade affects many vulnerable people, including children.

bulletIt is illegal to supply, buy or possess a class A drug. (Cocaine is one of them).The maximum penalty for possession of coke is seven years in jail and an unlimited fine. You could get a life sentence for supplying others, even if it is a teaspoon of it. A sentence will damage your records, and make it harder to get a job, prevent you from entering certain countries, affect your family relationships.

bulletSome people take coke when they are drinking because they think it helps them keep going. They use that to show off to their friends. The fact is, it is dangerous to mix cocaine and alcohol because they form a very poisonous substance in your blood known as cocaethylene, which:
1. is more toxic than either drug alone;
2. has been linked with damage to the liver;
3. can cause fatal heart damage.
4. can lead to aggressive and violent behaviour.

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