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Factsheet on teens and drug abuse

Helping your friends who use drugs.

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Treatment helps people stop using the drugs they're addicted to. It can include talk therapy, medicine, or both. It helps them learn to fight the urges to use drugs again, and it helps them regain control in their lives. When someone quits taking drugs and starts learning how to live life without drugs, we say he is "in recovery." Treatment is available for new drug users, heavy users and addicts. No matter your condition, there is help available.

bulletFirst of all, understand the dangers
Have a very clear idea of how destructive drugs can do to you physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and others. If you know the whole truth, you'll be a lot less likely to try drugs even once. Refresh your knowledge on the Consequences of Drugs Page

bulletHelping yourself and someone you love
Lets start with you: If you have tried to use any kind of drug, and feel bad about it, or feel it is on your mind to try it again, or you are still doing it, speak to your parents or a trusted adult immediately. Don't wait. They can help you make the smartest choices.

If you have a friend or family member who has started using drugs or is hanging out with bad company, you can help by...

bulletTalk to an adult
Teachers, parents and school counselors or social workers will have ideas that can help you talk to your friend about drug use. Ask for ideas to help them if you do not want to name anyone. They are specially trained to deal with teens and drug use.

bulletTake a risk
Talking to your friend about his drug use is not an easy thing to do, as it can make him angry. Try and spend some quiet time with him (not in quiet, hide outs that will put you in trouble), and let remind him of the dangers and potential problems he is getting into. Speak to him only when he is sober. If he is angry, you may have to stay away from his company. But continue to care for him and share ideas with him.

bulletRemind them that help is available
Sometimes people want confidential help, because they do not want anyone to know about their situation. This is OK. Try and research and find them a counseling service around. You can always ask adults (teachers or parents) about places for teen counseling, and give your friend the information.

bulletBe careful yourself
You can also be tempted into drugs one day. Knowing the facts like what you are doing now is a great way to stay away and say NO! Look out for bad company and stay far away. Do not even entertain them. If your good friends have fallen to drugs, be careful they do not drag you into it.

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