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Factsheet on teens and drug abuse

Keeping safe from drugs

Hopefully, you have read all the consequences of abusing drugs in the other pages, and you are eager to stay away from it. Very Good. Now here are some ideas to help you do that.

Take some time off everything and get to know yourself some more. Think about the bright future ahead of you. Think of your lovely family, friends and people you love most. Think of how young people (just like you) are using their talents in music, sports, art, dance, poetry, acting and writing to make the communities a better place. Think of how young people are becoming doctors, business people, inventors, teachers, scientists and financial experts. What does this tell you? Surely, you can also be a great person, but only if you keep your focus and stay away from risky behavior and bad company.

say No to drugs

bulletBe creative
Boredom makes people do all sorts of bad things. A wise man once said: 'The devil finds jobs for the idle hands'. This is true. If you have nothing good doing, you tend to fill up time with useless and unprofitable things. Join your school's drama club, learn to play a musical instrument, play basketball or soccer, or volunteer with a good charity organization to help people. There is self satisfaction in helping people. Damaging your body and mind with drugs because you have nothing to do is the worst choice any person can make.

Depression has caused some people to go into drugs. Depression makes people feel lonely, sad, lost, and in very bad moods that they are willing to do anything to end it. It is a very serious health problem, and like all health problems, you need to get medical attention immediately. Do not attempt to deal with it yourself, or allow friends to suggest medicines or drugs for it. Tell your parents or doctor immediately.

bulletDiscover your talent
Write a play or a poem. Draw, paint or create. Get involved with a science project. Join the rescue team. Read and see some great documentaries (there are loads on TV for free). Learn a sport, get into a local competition. Take part in competitions. You may be surprised to identify a talent in something. All these help you thing properly and gets you into the right things, rather that destructive things.

bulletDo it yourself, encourage yourself
Always remember that no one will solve your problems for you. You need to stand for yourself. It can be difficult starting new sports, and things, but have a sense humor. Have fun. People can tease and call you names, but its all OK, just see it as humor and have fun. Not everybody is a great athlete, but anybody can have fun playing a sport. When you're relying on your body to help you do well in a game, you'll understand why drugs can be so harmful.

bulletChoose your friends
You have a right to choose who is your friend and who is not. The trick about choosing friends is, always try to be close to people better than you in something, so that you can learn from them. If your class mate is good at debate, or drama, or basketball, you can be close to then so you get better with them. This means choosing friends who smoke and drink and do drugs will no doubt influence you. Be sure to chose the right friends.

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