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What are the causes of emotional abuse.

1. Parenting Skills:
Many abusing parents had bad experiences as children and tend to do likewise to their kids. When parents (especially teenage parents) are not mature and prepared for children, they tend to be childish towards their kids too. Many people think they are great parents, but the art of raising children in love and harmony is something that needs periodic learning. As kids grow, their needs and behaviors change, and parents must learn to cope with the various phases of their lives.

2. Poverty:
In many cases, children with learning disabilities, isolated kids, kids from very poor or broken homes can also fall victim to abusers. For example, male adults can offer to help a needy teenage girl, and take advantage of them to sexually abuse them. Children with low IQ or sense of judgement can also give in easily to sexual predators, and be quiet about it for a long time.

3. Substance abuse:
Usually a caregiver under drugs or alcohol addiction (substance abuse) is more likely to violate a child. This is because under drug influence, the abuser will loose their sense of judgement and say inappropriate things that they normally would not. They may also ignore a child and not care about their well being.

4. Mental Illness:
Mental illness comes in many forms. Even though an adult may look fine and happy, there may be times that the illness can take control. Certain mental illnesses can cause anger, and the adult can be under an illusion that the child is up against them. The result is that they are very hard and harsh on the children. In relation to sexual abuse, some abusers have mental problems and see themselves as kids too. This mental condition is called pedophilia. A person suffering from pedophilia is called a pedophile.

5. Extreme Expectations:
Some adults expect too much from children. It is very easy to think that children know everything. For example, a four year old may cry over something that she cannot easily express. Continuous crying can easlily upset a caregiver, and result in insults and verbal abuse. This is also true for teenagers. Some parents forget that their teenage kids are still learning, and treat them with insults, swear words, inappropriate words and punishments.

6. Stress:
People easily loose temper and patience when under stress. We all do get angry once in a while. This anger can be frequent if a caregiver is under stress all the time. Stress from marital break-ups and family disputes, financial difficulties, pressure from work, domestic abuse can result in extreme behavior and anger towards their kids, particularly toddlers and little children. This is also true of children born out of unwanted pregnancies.

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