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Here are some important facts on emotional child abuse.

child abuse bulletEvery 6 hours a child dies in the United States due to abuse or neglect in the USA.

child abuse bulletIn 2005, 1,460 children died from abuse or neglect, with about 64,000 also psychologically or emotionally abused.

child abuse bulletChildren below the age of 4 are usually the most victimized.

child abuse bulletChildren who have been abused or neglected are 60% more likely to be arrested as juveniles and /or end up as abusers.

child abuse bulletChild emotional abuse happens in all ethnic groups, all over the world. Some societies have it more as a result of the past child up-bringing techniques. Some societies to are less tolerant and have very strict laws for violators.

Did you know:
Domestic violence is also a form of physical abuse, even though the abuse is between two adults. The adults could be parents, married couples, girlfriends and boyfriends and same-sex relationships. It can be very scary if a child (including teens) is caught up in domestic abuse. The child can see and hear all the violent things going on and that can have huge impact on them.