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How to help emotionally abused kids.

Many children are lucky to have have caring parents. Always keep contact with other trusted adults apart from your parents. This could be your doctor or school nurse, pastor or close family friend. You can have their telephone numbers hidden in your school cupboard and another hidden at home. This way you can call and get help if you think you are being abused.

No child deserves to be abused. Call the police, or your teacher immediately. There may be local agencies or committees that handle childrensupporting friends issues. Speak to them immediately.

Look out for your younger brothers and sisters, and help them at home so that your mum or dad is not always tired and stressed from working and caring for them. You can offer to feed them and bathe them, and help them with homework.

Finally, keep good friends and share good ideas with each other (for teenagers). If you have a problem, you can tell them and they can give you advice too.

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