All about Climate Change for Kids
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Important Climate Change Terminology
How the greenhouse effect works button Causes of Climate Change
Effects of Climate-Change and Global Warming buttonEvidence of climate change for kids
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What else can be done?

Be active.
Doing NOTHING about a problem can make it worse.
But above all, live by example!


Finding information and learning about issues, like you are doing, is the first step to solve problems. When you understand a problem, you are in a better position to find a solution for it.

Sharing the correct information and facts with family and friends is the second thing, because when more people change attitudes, the impact is greater.

Take part
Thirdly, join societies, pressure groups and set examples for others to follow. You can also put pressure on your local government and leaders to be responsible.

So… this is it. Ask your friends to come and learn with us and let’s share ideas on how we can help STOP GLOBAL WARMING. 

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