what is drug abuse for teens?

Learning about youth drug abuse
What does drug-abuse or misuse mean?
What are the different types of drugs that people abuse?
Why do people use and abuse drugs?
The stages of drug use
How does drugs affect the brain?
Effects of drug use and abuse
Treatment and prevention of drug abuse
Quick facts and tips on teen drug abuse



Introduction to drug use and drug abuse

It is almost impossible to cover this lesson in detail, as Drug Abuse is a big issue with many components. In this lesson, we will just focus on the basics of drugs/substance abuse, how it affects you, and what we can all do about it. 

The problem of drug use and abuse is not a new one. For many centuries, individuals and families have suffered the consequences of drug abuse. Many young people who had bright futures have fallen to the horrible effects of drug abuse. Many young sportspeople, music talents, and performers have unfortunately gotten hooked. Today, because of easy access to drugs and the pressure on people to be successful in their professions, the drug abuse situation seems even more widespread than ever before.

Here is a great place to learn something about Drug use and abuse.

What is a Drug: 
A drug is a general term for a substance that changes the physical, emotional, and mental function of the body. They include tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, over the counter medicines, prescribed medicines as well as illicit drugs. These substances are known as Psychoactive Drugs. These are substances can change consciousness, mood, feeling, behavior and thoughts of the user.
Are Drug Illegal: 
Not all drugs are illegal. If you buy an over the counter cough suppressant in the shop, it is legal, though it can also be abused. Drugs may be legal in one country, region, state, or city, but illegal in another. You need to know what your country's laws on drugs are.
Drug types:
There are different kinds of drugs that do different things. The four major kinds include stimulants, depressants, opium/pain killers and hallucinogens.

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