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Can HIV-AIDS Be Prevented? Yes!

How to prevent HIV and AidsThe preventive suggestions here are particularly for young people

hiv facts bulletStay clear away from all sexual activities. As a smart boy or girl, be careful what your friends tell you about early boy-girl relationships, as it can tempt you into sexual activity and expose you to HIV.

It is cool to keep your sexuality till you are older and married. You will gain a lot of trust and respect from family and your friends too. You will also be in a lot more mature and responsible to deal with sex-related problems. It is the safest and smartest option.

hiv facts bulletSome people use condoms as a protective measure when they are confronted with a sexual activity. This is a good thing, as condoms have protected many people from getting a sexually transmitted infection. But condoms can fail. This is why abstinence is the best way out. Correct and consistent use of male and female condoms during sex can protect against the spread of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

hiv facts bulletStay away from drugs, and do not share needles or syringes. Drugs will destroy your bright future, and will destroy your sense of balance, judgement and control, and cause you to do things that you would never had done in your right mind.

hiv facts bulletJoin sports clubs or talent groups to grow your talent and shape your future. This way you will have less time to fall into bad company and do risky things.
how to prevent hiv aids

hiv facts bulletNow, young people are coming together to fight against the disease because they know it can destroy their future. You can do the same. Join good knowledge and youth groups to learn the facts and spread the message. The more you get involved, the stronger you become to avoid things that put you at risk.

Remember... bad friends can get you into trouble and expose you to the HIV virus. Smart people always think of their actions.
Be the smart dude and lady today!

How Are HIV and AIDS Treated?

Right now there is no cure for HIV or AIDS, but new medicines can help people live longer lives. Scientists are also researching vaccines that may one day help to prevent HIV infection, but it's a very tough assignment, and no one knows when these vaccines might become available. It's up to everyone to prevent AIDS by avoiding the behaviors that lead to HIV infection.

Once a person has HIV, the only thing to make them better is a therapy called antiretroviral therapy (ART). Note that this does NOT cure HIV infection but controls viral replication within a person's body and allows an individual's immune system to strengthen and regain the power to fight off infections.

An estimated 6.6 million people living with HIV in low- and middle-income countries were receiving ART at the end of 2010. Of this, an estimated 420 000–460 000 were children. This is a 16-fold increase in the number of people receiving ART in developing countries between 2003 and 2010. (Source: WHO)

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