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Human Reproduction
Parts of the female reproductive organ
Parts of the male reproductive organ
Mating and reproduction
How does fertilisation occur in humans
How does the human foetus develop
Birth of a new baby

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Birth (baby comes out of the female's womb)

After nine months the baby is fully developed and ready to be born into the big wide world. The baby at this stage weighs between 6-8 pounds. Some babies are smaller (4-6 pounds) and some are bigger (more than 9 pounds).
These days, if the pregnant female has difficulty with the pregnancy, the baby can be taken out even at 28 weeks and the baby can be taken care of, thanks to advancement in medical care.

When the time is right, the cervix relaxes and muscles in the wall of the uterus contract. This contraction forces the baby through the cervix and vagina and out of the mother's body.

The umbilical cord is cut by the doctor to separate the mom from the baby. Tadaa… a new born baby is here!

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