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tornado and kids

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tornado tipsTornado Alley
There are some places in the USA, such as Oklahoma, Northern Texas, Nebraska, Kansas and Eastern Colorado, that has more tornado visits that other parts of the USA. The nickname for this belt is called Tornado Alley.
(The red area on the map of USA below)
WHat is a tornado alley

tornado tips
Tornado watch, prediction and warning

Unlike tropical storms or hurricanes, tornadoes cannot be predicted with precision. Is also forms at a relatively short period of time. Therefore, weather experts use strong thunderstorm activity to predict the possibility of tornadoes. Once it is formed, one can see it approaching, but by that time, it is a maximum of 13 minutes away.
tornado watch means there a possibility of tornado, therefore, stay alert. A tornado warning means the tornado has been sighted by the radar, therefore, make your way to the refuge area.

tornado tipsTornado vortex
A vortex is simply the tip that is created by spinning water or wind. If you fill the kitchen sink with water and open the drain, you notice that water rushed down, a phenomenon caused by downdraft. As water goes down, it starts to spin and then it spins faster and faster. This is similar to the vortices (more than one vortex) that occur with tornadoes. As the winds over the land surface rotates, an updraft can send the spinning winds vertical, causing a vortex. Note that there can be more than one vortex reaching downwards from thunderstorm clouds.

tornado tipsTornado chasers

People chase tornadoes and storms for reasons such as research purposes and fun. Whiles this is a very dangerous move, it is important that you take extra precaution and safety measures before you engage in this. The force of nature can be catastrophic and people must not joke with it. Stay away if you are not trained to do so.

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tornadoes and children