what is a volcano for children

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How does the inside of a volcano look like?
what is inside a volcano

The diagram representation above shows what a basic volcano looks like.

volcano fact
The magma chamber: This is the area with massive collection of magma below the earth’s crust from which magma flows out.

volcano factCrater: After an eruption, the tip or top of the volcano tends to get blown off, leaving a small depression at the top of it.

volcano factMain vent: This is the main exit point (opening or outlet) in a weak zone where molten magma is released to the surface.

volcano factSecondary vents: These are other smaller vents or opening through which ash and gases and lava escape.

volcano factAshes, clouds and cinders: As the eruption continues, ashes and gases are discharged into the air, which is carried further by wind action.

volcano factLayers of ash and lava: The walls of a volcano are usually made up of solidified layers of lava and dust.

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