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How does a wildfire start?

Below are the most common ways in which wildfires are started. Take a look at the composition below. Can you identify some fire hazards?
camp fire hazard

wildfire causesCampfires:
In many places, camping is a big thing. People, both young and old spend time in the woods to enjoy the great outdoors. Sometimes fires are needed for various things during camping and they can start wildfires if not put out properly.

wildfire causesSmoking:
Some people smoke whiles driving, biking or walking. Sometimes the buds are not properly extinguished and thrown away. You never know where that bud will end up and start a fire.

wildfire causesLightning:
A good number of wildfires were started by lightning. It is a bit hard to imagine, but investigators confirm this as very common. When lightning strikes, it can produce a spark. It can strike trees, power cables, rocks and many other things and just set them off.

wildfire causesBurning debris:
Refuse, junk and yard waste are common items that are permitted to burn in many places. People are therefore very quick to set anything ablaze as a way of disposing off them. But that can get out of hand and start a fire.

wildfire causesAccidents or equipment failure:

Car crashes, gas balloons, lawn mowers and many other equipment have been known to start fires when they go wrong. These are accidental but if not detected quickly, can cause massive problems. This is why fire fighters always move to an accident scene in anticipation of a fire break.

wildfire causesFireworks:
Fireworks are banned in many places because of their explosive nature and high potential to start a fire. If fireworks are not blasted at the right places, they can end up as fires elsewhere.

wildfire causesArson:
This is the act of setting fire to a property, piece of land or anything with the intention of causing damage. A person who does this is called and arsonist. Arson specialists believe that many fires are started by arsonists, and may account for about 30% of all wildfire cases.

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