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Preventing wild forest fires is something we must all learn about. Sometimes the very little careless acts can cost the city a lot and even lives can be lost.

If you look at the previous page (Causes) you will surely have a general idea of what can be done to help.

Public education is probably the most important activity in wildfire prevention. People must be educated on how fires are started, the destruction they cause and the importance of reporting fires, no matter how small.

Below are a few more things to know about fire prevention.

wildfire causesContact you local fire department for all the laws, fire tips and safety information. Get information of the closest fire hydrants and the conditions they are in.

wildfire causesBe sure to call the fire department any time you notice a fire or think there is a fire hazard anywhere. A fire hazard is any thing or activity that can bring about a fire. Look out for them at home, school, and on camping grounds.

wildfire causesKeep fire service and emergency numbers handy.

wildfire causesLearn how to use the fire extinguisher in the car, at home, in the office or school. Always make sure they are in good condition. You can also plan escape routes in advance and go through fire drills with your friends as a way of preparing for a real fire. It is also a good idea to keep gallons of water handy and in strategic places.

wildfire causesIf you live in a town where burning refuse or debris is permitted, be sure to do that in a safe way. Always clear out any fuels that will make the fire stray onto another area. Keep your eye on the fire ALL the time. Check the weather for winds and dryness as they can aid burning.

wildfire causesCamping is a big deal in many countries but fires used at camping grounds must be monitored very well. Keep campfires at a manageable size and use larger woods rather than small twigs and grass. Make sure you extinguish it completely by pouring water on it until it’s completely out. Get a friend to double check if it is out completely!

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