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What is being done about overfishing?

help stop overfishingFor many years, there have been all sorts of measures aimed at controlling overfishing, but many of them have not worked well. Below are a few of what is already in place in many fishing regions of the world.

overfishing factsFisheries are encouraged to stick to their Quota to limit the number of fish that can be caught at any time.

overfishing factsThere are only a set number of days that fishing is allowed. This way, there is some fallow days for fish to breed and reproduce.

Ocean depletionoverfishing facts
No-fishing zones have been marked in many areas to allow fishes to recover. In addition to that, fishing areas are rotated among fisheries so each fishery has a fair share of the days to fish.

overfishing factsFishing gear that catch tiny or baby fishes are discouraged to help the little fish grow. Only large net-mesh are allowed in some areas.

overfishing factsThese days, there are many monitoring equipment and installations set up to regulate the activities and movement of fishing trawlers.

In spite of all this, the problem of overfishing is increasing and we are all heading for a massive disaster if we do not do more. On the next page, we shall see what else can be done.