Ozone layer depletion tips for children
All about the Ozone Layer
What is Ozone gas?
Where is the ozone layer?
What does Ozone Depletion mean?How vulcanoes affect the ozone layer
Effects of Ultra-violet rays UV rays on humans
WHat is the Ozone Hole in the Antartica
Ozone layer depletion solutions
ozone space

Introduction: All about Ozone

Like other environmental problems, Ozone Depletion is one that is very important, and rightly so, considered as a major environmental issue by many environmental scientists all over the world.

Ozone effectsHave you ever felt the sun's intensity ripping through your skin on a hot afternoon? Probably so.

But the sun is nowhere near the earth. The sun is estimated to be about 150 million kilometers (93 million miles) from our planet earth. Every day, as the sun rises, we begin to feel the heat. This heat is radiated through millions of space, and yet we still feel it.

The rays from the sun contain Ultra Violet Rays (UV Rays). UV rays are not all bad, because it helps human with Vitamin D. But too much of it is very dangerous. (we shall see why very soon).

Unfortunately, manufacturing activities since the industrial revolution have caused a disturbance in the atmosphere and opened up for more UV rays to come through to the earth. There have been serious consequences, and potentially it can get worse if we do not act responsibly.

To better understand the Ozone Depletion problem, we first need to get a few terms right. Let's begin with Ozone.

Ozone gas

ozone space

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