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Proteins in food

Proteins are very complex molecules that are needed for cell structure, function, regulation and repair. Unlike carbohydrates and other nutrients, proteins are the building blocks themselves.

Living cells, tissues and organs are all made of proteins. Proteins are made up of small building blocks called
amino acids that are joined together in chains. These chains may contain a few amino acids or contain thousands of amino acids. They are very complex in nature, and the chains can fold up in many complex way, making it three-dimensional.

Examples of proteins:
protein typesOne good example of protein is haemoglobin, the protein that carries the oxygen to all parts of the body. This protein is spherical in nature.

protein types
Another example is a protein called keratin. Keratin is built in long strands or fibres. This is the protein that makes our hairs.

protein typesCasein is another protein. It is a storage protein in the milk of mammals. It supplies the nutrients that babies need to grow.

foods with proteinsThere are about 20 or so different amino acids, that combine to build thousands of proteins in the human body. Out of the 20, the body is able to manufacture about 12 of them on its own.

The foods we eat provide the additional 8 amino acids needed. Amino acids obtained from our foods are called essential amino acids.

Everyone who eats meat usually get all the essential amino acids.

Vegetarians may miss out a bit as one or two of these essential amino acids are found only in some plant foods.

Meat, poultry, seafood, beans, soy, legumes nuts and seeds are all great protein foods. Adults need more protein than kids, but they must be, by all means part of a healthy balanced diet.

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