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Prevention tips for common cold.

If you have not got a cold yet, there are things you can do to minimize your exposure to it. Here are a few:

common cold pointAvoid biting finger nails, picking your nose and food (especially fruits) that are unwashed. This is because you may introduce the virus to your nose and mouth in case you have picked it up.
common cold pointWash your hands regularly with soap.
common cold pointAn old trick is to use the back of your hand or finger knuckles to do things like pressing elevator buttons and opening doors in public places. This way, you minimize picking the virus.

Wash hands often

However, if you have a cold, there are things you can do to help prevent it from spreading.

common cold pointWash your hands regularly and properly with soap, particularly after touching your nose, mouth, rubbing your eyes and before handling food.
common cold pointAlways keep disposable tissues with you. Be sure to sneeze and cough into your disposable tissue ppers, instead of sneezing into the air. Dispose off the used tissue after. Try not to use the same tissue over and over again. Additionally, keep your own hand towels in your bag (both student and workers), so that you can use them alone.
common cold pointClean surfaces regularly to keep them free of germs.
common cold pointStay at home and away from people, to minimize exposing others to the virus.
common cold pointIf possible, use your own cup, plates, cutlery and kitchen utensils.

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