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What are the common symptoms of colds?

When you catch a cold, you will begin to notice a sore or irritated throat. This is then followed by other symptoms, including:
common cold pointA blocked nose (nasal congestion).
common cold pointNasal pain and irritation .
common cold pointSneezing.. 
common cold pointA runny nose (nasal discharge) – the discharge is usually clear and runny at first before becoming thicker and darker over the course of the infection.
common cold pointCoughing – this symptom occurs in one out of every three cases 
common cold pointA hoarse voice. 
common cold pointA general sense of feeling unwell.
ill from a cold

Many people also get a headache, body pains and a temperature (fever). They also get mild loss of taste and smell and pressure in ears and eyes.

Usually, people feel worst few days, but feel better soon after. Expect to have the symptoms for up to a week. Children tend to suffer for longer periods (10-14 days). When there is a cough involved, it usually will last longer for up to about 3 weeks.

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