Diabetes information for children

Diabetes information for children
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Signs and symptoms of Diabetes

The signs and symptoms of Type 2 diabetes are so generic that it is almost impossible to look at them and conclude that a person has diabetes. Usually a lab test by professionals can confirm your status for you. Additionally, some of these signs also develop gradually and can be difficult to notice that change in your regular day to day life.

Signs of diabetes
Here are a few signs to look out for:

diabetesFrequent Peeing:
Our kidneys are responsible for getting rid of toxins (dirty or poisonous substances) through peeing. The kidneys therefore can detect excess sugar in the blood and get rid of them more often than normal.  Peeing tends to be more than normal in this case.

diabetesHigh intake of water and fluids:
Naturally, because diabetics pee a lot and loose a lot of body fluids, they tend to drink a lot to make it up. Many people with diabetes drink so much in very short intervals.

diabetesLow energy:
Sugar or glucose in the body is meant to be converted into energy for use. Unfortunately, glucose is not converted into energy and results in the body running out of energy regularly. This results in you feeling tired all the time.

diabetesSlower healing wounds:
Diabetes affects other processes in the body. Circulation, nerves, and even blood quality. Our bodies naturally produce healing chemicals and produces new cells for healing. Diabetes interferes with this process.

diabetesAcanthosis nigricans:
This is simply a skin condition that manifests in dark, thick and velvet-like texture around the elbows, knees, armpits, neck, fingers and toes. This occurs more in younger people below the age of 40. It is associated with insulin-resistant diabetes and other health conditions like ovary disease and obesity.

diabetesOther symptoms of diabetes can include:

Itching around the genitals (vagina or penis areas), blurry vision, muscle cramps and constipation

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