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Milk teeth and adult teeth

Milk teeth
Every baby has teeth hidden in the gums. These begin to show after 6 months. Milk teeth are also called
deciduous teeth. By the time you are 3 years, you have about 20 already showing.

Milk teeth are extremely important because it helps toddlers in chewing and speech development. It also helps the jaw to develop. Between the ages of about six and seven, the roots of these milk teeth dissolve and eventually the tooth falls out.

Milk teeth also work as a guide for adult teeth to follow - so even though they drop out it is important to look after them to avoid damage to the adult teeth when they arrive.

Adult teeth
After 6 years, adult teeth (permanent teeth) will gradually begin to replace all of the milk teeth. This replacement events will last for about 7 years. This means that before you turn 12-14 years, you will have both milk and adult teeth all mixed up. This stage is called
Mixed Dentition.

teeth arrangement

After 14 years, you should only have adult teeth, and about 28 in number. Your adult teeth will last for life so it is EXTREMELY important that you take good care of them, because if you loose them, new ones will NEVER come. Got it?

structure of the tooth




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