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Safety first

No one wants news that a friend, mother, father or loved one has a heart attack, or stroke or what have you. It can be scary. This is why we need to know about them and practice things that we can do to make sure that it does not happen often.
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Kids do not usually have heart problems, although these days, because of sedentary lifestyles and bad eating habits, there has been cases of heart diseases involving kids. This means that knowing about it and taking good care of your heart will greatly reduce any chance of a heart disease when you are older.

Usually children are very active and this helps the heart to function very well. The best way to stay healthy and avoid having a heart disease is to minimize the risks. These include:
heart failureNot smoking (even when you grow).
heart failureNot drinking (especially getting drunk often).
heart failureExercising regularly (one very active sport every week is fine, plus everyday walking and regular exercise).
heart failureBe sure you eat well and maintain a good body weight. Minimize the intake of fast-foods, soda or fizzy drinks, fatty foods and go more on fruits, vegetables and whole-meals.

Take care of your heart.

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