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Wht is Angina?

The muscles of the heart also need oxygen-rich blood to work. Angina is the discomfort or pain in the chest that happens when not enough oxygen-rich blood reaches the heart muscle.
Angina is caused by blocked blood vessels

Blockages in coronary arteries (vessels that deliver oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscles) can cause Angina.

If this blockage continues, the heart-muscles will starve of oxygen, a heart attack may occur.

Angina is usually the start of a heart disease and must be checked immediately.

Symptoms of Angina include:

heart failureChest pains and chest discomfort, usually in the form of tightness, burning, crushing, pressure or heaviness and choking.

heart failurePain begin to appear in nearby places (left arm, neck, shoulder or jaw areas.

heart failureUsually, short of breath, anxiety and nauseating feeling may be felt.

Causes of Angina:
Angina becomes more common with age. It is commonly caused by narrowing oxygen-rich blood vessels, usually by cholesterol, fatty deposits or plaques. Other causes include cigarette smoking, diabetes mellitus and High blood pressure. Obesity (overweight) is also a risk factor for Angina.

Treatment of Angina:
heart failureAngina can be treated, often with lifestyle changes to manage. risk factors (weight loss, exercise, quitting smoking and a healthy diet)
heart failureMedical treatment. Usually your doctor will advice on the medications you need to take.

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