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Heart Attack

Heart attack (also know as
Myocardial Infarction or MI) can occur when artery blockage, rapture or bursting (tearing) prevents blood to get to the heart. The heart beats about 70 times every minute to supply the body with blood. Anytime this process is interrupted, a heart attach may occur. An attack can lead to very serious damage, and in many cases, death. Deaths from Heart attacks are usually very sudden, usually within an hour. Survivors are usually left with long term heart problems.

Heart attacks needs immediate attention because once a coronary artery is blocked, the heart muscle will die within four to six hours. Research shows that Men are also more likely to have a heart attack than women.
Usually, lifestyle changes including quitting smoking, eating healthily and keeping your weight under control, and getting regular exercise can help reduce your risk of getting Heart Attack.

Causes of Heart Attack
Like Angina and Stroke, this is caused by blockage in the coronary arteries by fatty deposits, cholesterol and debris, preventing oxygenated blood to get to the heart. Others are: Smoking, High blood pressure, Diabetes and Family history of heart disease

Signs of Heart Attack
Sadly, heart attack is usually very sudden, but with some people see the following signs for sometime before it actually happens:
heart failureChest pains or chest discomfort, usually in the form of tightness, burning, crushing, pressure or heaviness and choking.
heart failureStomach or abdominal pain.
heart failureShortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
heart failureNausea or vomiting.
heart failureSweating.
heart failureUnexplained anxiety.
heart failureWeakness or fatigue, Feeling light-headed or dizzy.
heart failureCold sweat or paleness.
heart failurePalpitations or an abnormal heart rate.

Heart Attack is not a Cardiac Arrest, which is caused by an abnormal heart rhythm called ventricular fibrillation.

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