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Risk factors of Blood Pressure (HBP)

The causes of High Blood Pressure are not clearly know. Research shows that some behaviors or conditions may increase a person’s chances of having a HBP. These are called Risk Factors.

Here are a few top factors:

hypertensin pointBody Weight:
Being overweight puts a lot of stress on your heart and blood vessels. The heart is forced to work harder than it should. Additionally, fatty deposits, debris and cholesterol in the blood vessels cause the vessels to narrow.

hypertensin pointDiet:
fatty foods
It is a fact that salt in food causes HBP. Salt makes food very tasty. Many fast foods use a lot of salt to make people want to eat more, but they all contribute to you developing a HBP. Fatty foods also causes the body to build body fat, which can lead to HBP

hypertensin pointToo much alcohol:
People who consume more than 3 units of alcohol a day gradually develop HBP. too much coffeeRemember that alcohol also has a lot of calories and continual drinking makes you gain extra weight, which is a risk factor.

hypertensin pointToo much caffeine:
This is a stimulant usually found in energy drinks, tea and coffee. It is OK to have tea or coffee as part of a balanced eating lifestyle, but too much coffee (more than 4 cups a day) can gradually build up your blood pressure.

hypertensin pointLack of exercise:
Regular exercise is key in keeping a healthy blood pressure level. This is because exercises keep your cardio-vascular system (heart and the blood vessels) working smoothly and in good condition. Working out regularly, like biking, running, playing soccer or basketball also keeps your weight in check and that helps keep the BP in control.

hypertensin pointSmoking:
Health researchers advice that smoking causes a narrowing of the blood vessels and can increase your chances of getting a Stroke, Heart Attack or HBP.

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