How to prevent land pollution

Like many other challenges, the best way to solve problems is to understand it. That means learning about it (like what you are doing now) is the greatest step forward.

As we now know, the bigger issues of land and soil pollution are caused by mining and industrial operations. As young individuals, it can be hard to think that you can do anything to improve the situation, but you can. Get involved with the discussion and be a part of the solution. Get your parents, friends, and neighbors to know more about the issue. If you can vote, be sure that your leaders are thinking about it too and vote for the right people.

Here are a few other tips on how you can help reduce land pollution:

  • People should be educated and made aware of the harmful effects of littering. Discuss with friends and family and talk about it.
  • Reuse any items that you can. Items like clothing, bottles, wrapping paper, and shopping bags can be used over and over again, rather than buying new things.

The greatest prevention of land pollution is in the three ‘R’s’ …

Reduce Waste, Reuse things, and Recycle things. This is true even for governments. They can also use the three ‘R’ rule to minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. After the three ‘R’s, remember to turn the rest of the garbage into compost.

  • Personal litter should be disposed of properly. We can separate household waste at home for recycling. More than half of our household waste could be recycled or re-used but once it is mixed up, it becomes more difficult to separate different components for recycling. This is also true for the waste we make at school or hospitals.
  • Buy biodegradable products.
  • Store all liquid chemicals and waste in spill-proof containers.
  • Eat organic foods that are grown without pesticides. Look out for fertilizer or pesticide-free products when you go to the market.
  • Do not use pesticides if you can.
  • Use a drip tray to collect engine oil.
  • Buy products that have little packaging.
  • Don’t dump motor oil on the ground.

Governments can also ensure that there are incentives for people to recycle and re-use things.