Where does discrimination occur?

In any human community or settlement, discrimination can occur.

Where does discrimination occur
Where does discrimination occur

At workplaces, some employers fail to hire people because of who they are. Newer staff members are sometimes promoted over others who have been around longer. People’s contracts are terminated and not renewed because of their protected characteristics or association with a group.

Children from minorities or protected characteristics have been denied admission, or scholarships, or have been excluded from educational programs.

Many families have had to endure long periods of hard times because landlords and housing officials have treated them unfairly. They are given all sorts of ridiculous reasons, with the intention of making the homes available to other people that they are more comfortable with.

Public Places:
Many people have been given disrespectful treatment at public places such as restaurants, markets, hospitals, and sports facilities, just because they look like or have some characteristics that others are not comfortable with.

Access to credit/funds: 
People have been denied credit or funds bust because they come from particular families, or are known to be from poor backgrounds, or for other reasons.

People are often prevented from being active in political groups because they are perceived to carry negative images. People have also been disenfranchised (prevented from voting) because of their social, cultural, religious, or political backgrounds.

People are sometimes treated or profiled by police just because of their skin color or the way they dress.

People have been denied visas, or harassed by security officers at the airport, or been treated unfairly because they are perceived to be troublemakers or dangerous people.


  • Size discrimination
    Did you know that Weight/height discrimination is as prevalent as rates of racial discrimination reported in a recent Yale study especially among women? (Puhl et al 2008)
  • Did you know that 1 of 3 children has experienced weight bias from a teacher? (Rudd Report 2008) and 2 of every 3 children have experienced it from a classmate. (Rudd Report 2008)
    —Source: Facts on size discrimination. Size discrimination is as prevalent as racial discrimination. (Puhl et al 2008) www.naafa.org.