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Taking care of yourself and others.

what causes pain in the sickle-cell personNow you know a lot more about sickle cell condition. If you are a sickle cell person, it is important to share your concerns and discuss any new symptoms or complications with your parents and doctor. You should know what can cause crises and stay away from them.

If you know someone with sickle cell condition, this is the time to show love and concern, and encourage them to keep going. Most people with sickle cell disease now live full and accomplished lives. With improved medical care, sickle cell people can now grow to become great people too.



Stay in control.... especially in school!

bulletSchool can be stressful whatever age you are.
bulletYou may miss school when you are ill and this could worry you.
bulletSometimes it can be hard to catch up with the work.
bulletYou could feel left out from your friends.
bulletYour teachers and friends may not understand what
a Sickle Cell Disorder is or how it can affect you. 
bulletYou may not always be able to join in the sport.
bulletSome of you worry about being thin and shorter than your friends. People at school may not understand this is normal for someone with a Sickle Cell Disorder and may tease you.

In all this there is one thing to remember....

Stay in control of your feelings. Don't let anyone discourage you. Remember that everyone is made differently, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

heart attack space


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