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What can cause sickle-cell crisis?

Not enough oxygen in the cells of your body can cause a crisis. There are some things you are probably aware of but may not realise that can cause this shortage.

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Exercise: shortage of oxygen during exercise can cause the red blood cells to sickle.

Stress: everyday stress from things like exams can cause red blood cells to sickle. Try to do things that relaxes you like watching your favourite show, or reading, or listen to your favourite music, or phone a friend.

Less water: when you don’t drink enough water the blood vessels become thick and sticky and the red blood cells cannot travel through the blood vessels very easily. Drink lots of fluids.

Cold: blood vessels become narrow in the cold making it hard for cells to flow, which can lead to a crisis. Always keep warm.

Infections: can cause red blood cells to sickle. Try to maintain a high level of cleaniness. Wash hands often with soap, wash fruits and vegetables, and stay away from crowded rooms

Smoking: Smoking is BAD for everybody. Some people with sickle cell disease are prone to lung problems, so smoking is particularly risky and must be avoided. Always breath in fresh air.

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