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The Sickle-cell gene inheritance

Sickle-cell is an inherited disease, and that makes the disease very unique in a way. You cannot acquire it by receiving blood transfusion, or any form of blood contact. You cannot acquire it by sharing food, holding hands or sharing clothing.

The different forms of sickle cell disease are determined by the genes inherited from the person's parents.

Someone who inherit only one sickle cell gene and a normal gene from the other parent will have the sickle cell trait (SCT), but not the disease. A blood test can determine whether someone has a form of sickle cell disease or carries the sickle cell trait.

how can a person get sickle cell

People with sickle cell trait don't have sickle cell disease or exhibit any signs of the disorder, but they can pass the gene for the disease to their children. Many people don't know they have sickle cell trait.

Genes determine the inherited characteristics parents pass on to their children: height, features, hair colour or eye colour

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