Cancer information for kids
cancer information

Cancer signs and symptoms

When cancer's found at an early stage, treatment is often easier and more likely to be successful. So finding cancer sooner rather than later can make a real difference.
Common areas of cancer

Illustration of some common areas that cancer usually forms

Symptoms of cancer vary based on the type of cancer. As cancer progresses to an advanced stage, common symptoms can include weight loss, fever, and fatigue. Look out for these:

cancer pointAn unusual lump or swelling anywhere on your body
cancer pointUnusual and unexplained heavy sweating at night
cancer pointUnexplained weight loss

cancer pointA change in the size, shape or colour of a patch of skin
cancer pointA sore that’s not healing for many weeks

cancer pointTongue or mouth sore that’s lasted for more than 3 weeks

Throat and Neck
cancer pointAn unusual swelling or lump
cancer pointA croaky, rough voice that is lasting for many weeks
cancer pointDifficulty in swallowing

cancer pointBreathlessness
cancer pointUnexplained coughing for more that three weeks
cancer pointCoughing up blood

cancer pointBlood in urine
cancer pointProblems passing urine
cancer point(ladies) Bleeding from the vagina after sex, after menopause or between periods

Bottom Area
cancer pointBlood in your bowel motions
cancer pointA noticeable change or frequency in bowel motions

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