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Causes of depression

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The brain control almost everything that we do. It works with our nervous system and tells us when to be happy, sad, excited, angry, hungry, thirsty, feel dirty and so on. It does this by releasing chemicals  (neurotransmitters) that carry special signals to the nervous systems. A person feels depressed when the brain and nervous system’s collaboration is lowered, as a result of one or a combination of thoughts, emotion, physiology, situation, and action factors. These include...

depression factEvents in life such as failing an exam, losing a job, having a case with the law, low finances, losing a family member or friend or divorce can result in depression.
depression factLack of contact with loved ones, relationship conflicts, work-place stress and even the stress of battling with physical health can also result in depression.

depression factPeople who are less actively and not happily involved with activities like hobbies, sports, travel, volunteering, craft, reading and caring for others tend to find themselves withdrawn and vulnerable to depression.
depression factExercising, dressing properly and taking care of oneself boosts self confidence and makes you happy within yourself, even if no one notices you. People who ignore the importance of self care open up for depression.

Traits and genes:
depression factA person is more likely to show some signs of depression, exhibit personality traits such as being overly self-critical if they have parents or family with a history of depression.

Post birth changes:
depression factNew moms or women who just had a baby are more vulnerable to some kind of depression as a result of hormonal and physical changes in their body. In general, women are also believed to be twice as much vulnerable because of hormonal effects such as menstruation, menopause and the like.

Alcohol and drugs:
depression factAlcohol is known to result in spiral depression when taken consistently by people who use it to release pressure and stress. This is also true for drugs such as cannabis, whose effects are more evident in younger people and teenagers.

depression factChronic illness or diagnosis of terminal disease can break down a persons ability to cope. This can trigger a depression in that person. Similarly, some medications that people live on have depression as its side effects.

depression factPeople with constant negative thinking, self-criticism and low self-esteem are more likely to develop clinical depression. Some people are always tensed and find a problem in everything, refusing to see the opportunities that usually come with problems. People also have negative attitudes towards everything and that can trigger or worsen depression

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