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What is depression
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Signs and symptoms of depression.

The signs and symptoms of depression or mania is fairly general, but the intensity depends on the individual and also over time. If a person experiences more of the signs below, or if you observe some of the signs below in your friend or family member, you can do something about it. It is important to know the differences in the symptoms for these two extremes, as they manifest differently:

depression factPersistently being in an “empty” mood, helpless, hopeless, sad, anxious or scared feeling.
depression factEating less, as a result of low appetite, or eating bad foods that they usually would not eat at all.
depression factSleepless nights or sleeping less.
depression factShowing very little or no interest in things that they once very well loved to do.
depression factA prolonged feeling of restlessness.
depression factThoughts or ending one's life (suicide) or no interest in life and living at all.
depression factPeriodically crying (weeping) for no reason.
depression factRefusal to participate in social activities, ignoring phone calls, and ignoring family activities, parties, church services and family visits.

depression factExhibiting poor balance and sense of judgment.
depression factAbnormal or excessive elation.
depression factExtreme irritation by little and unnecessary things.
depression factInappropriate social behavior that can end you up with the law.
depression factDecreased need for sleep.
depression factIncreased talking and shouting and being unnecessarily loud.
depression factIncreased sexual desire, usually with no sense of responsibility (especially with young's people).
depression factUnusually increased energy levels.
depression factDisconnected or racing thoughts.

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