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How is depression treated?

There is treatment for Depression and Mania, and can usually restore a depressed person to their usual selves. After a doctor diagnoses a person of suffering depression, A number of treatment options may be given, depending on the kind and extend of depression.

Mild Depression

depression factRelax
Sometimes mild depression is temporal and can improve by itself. There is usually no need for any medication or rigorous therapies. The doctor will only ask you to go and have fun and come back for a review.

depression factExercise or take a holiday
Starting an exercise is proven to improve a persons overall well-being. You can draw up your own exercise scheme, start playing a sport or the doctor can ask a professional trainer to guide you. Whichever way, enjoy it and stay active.

depression factSupport Groups
Some cultures and communities have wider family support systems. A doctor may recommend that you speak to trusted people, or best friends, or loved ones about your condition and ask them to look out for you. Sometimes, speaking to people and letting out your feelings can help improve your moods.

Extreme Depression

depression factMedication
Extreme depression may require some medications called antidepressants. These tablets treat the symptoms of depression and help the body to normalize again. Your doctor will recommend an appropriate anti depressant, depending on the symptoms you have.

depression factCombination of Talking and Medications
Very often, a combination of talking therapy and antidepressants will be applied to help you get back to normalcy quickly. Depending on how chronic or extreme your condition is, treatment can be long.

depression factMental Health Team
There are intensive talking specialists, psychologists, psychiatrists and professionals who can talk to you and help you get your drive back. You may have to go and see them, or they will come to visit you regularly to talk, counsel and do things with you. This is usually for people suffering extreme depression and are likely to do things to harm themselves and/or others.

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