Helping yourself or your overweight friend

If your friend has a problem with weight, then you can be a good friend by:

  • Commenting on the things that she or he is good at.
  • Telling the teacher if your friend is being teased or called unkind names – this is harassment and a type of bullying that no one should have to suffer.
  • Not nagging him/her about it.
  • Eating good stuff yourself and encouraging them to do the same
  • Actively playing with him/her.
  • Doing something active together after school, like walking the dog or bike riding, rather than watching TV or playing video games
  • Getting her to join in sports lessons by encouragement.
  • Helping him/her to practice sports skills.

Local councils and schools can help!

Here are some good things that some communities and schools are doing:
Some councils are banning new takeaways from opening within 400 yards of any school, youth club or park, in an attempt to tackle the growing toll of obesity, strokes, and heart disease.
Some schools check children’s lunch boxes to award marks for healthy eating. Healthy lunches and snacks like vegetables, carbohydrates, and fruits and snacks score high points. Bad meals like fried chicken, chips, fries, cheesy, and sugar/fizzy drinks score nothing.
Some schools ensure that each child is involved in a weekly sports activity.

Can you think of some cool ways that your community and the school can help fight obesity?


A calorie is a unit of energy. It is a way of describing how much energy your body could get from eating or drinking.