How can ocean acidification be reduced?

“The severity of future changes in ocean conditions will depend largely on the choices we make regarding energy use in the upcoming years and decades”

There is always something one can do to minimize the impact of a problem, as long as the issue is well understood and its causes are clear. Ocean acidification, like global warming, has clear causes: excessive anthropogenic CO2. We already know where the CO2 comes from, so how about enforcing the solutions below?

Cut Carbon Dioxide emissions:

Humans are deeply involved with using energy from fossil fuels. Transport, industries, and homes all use fossil fuels. Now is the time to switch to clean energy (or renewable energy). In recent times, the consumption of renewables is growing and huge resources are being invested into it — but we need to do more, as it is the only way to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere.

Move subsides on Fossil Fuels to Renewables:

Governments must encourage the growth of the green sector and make fossil fuels less attractive. Green energy is not cheap, but ultimately, it will pay off and become worthwhile.

Ocean management:

Because species and ecosystems are already vulnerable and endangered in many water bodies, protected areas, laws, and policies that aim to protect those species must be set up and enforced. There must be hefty fines and consequences for those who break the law by going after endangered species. This way, the health of marine biodiversity will be improved, and biological factors that aid CO2 absorption will be less affected. Sustainable fishing must be enforced to reduce by-catch, overfishing, and destructive fishing practices.

Education and information:

When people are aware of things happening in their environment, they are more likely to respond positively to rules, regulations, and policies that aim to correct things we do wrongly. Individuals must find and share information from reliable sources. Leaders must invest in education and providing information on these environmental issues, and get everyone to be part of the solution.

Recommended Environmental Lessons

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