Introduction to Overfishing

We all love to eat fish, don’t we? It is the best source of protein and very healthy food in many ways. We also know where fish comes from—our oceans.

Introduction to the problem of overfishing
Introduction to the problem of overfishing

Many decades ago, our oceans were full of fishes, but unfortunately, this is not the case today. Our world today faces many complex issues ranging from pollution, climate change, wars, food crises, waste, overpopulation, and of course over-fishing.

These are all problems we have created for ourselves, often as a result of our selfish activities.

Overfishing particularly is one issue that is often underrated. That is because we do not hear about it often, and we also do not live in water so we do not care what happens there. Also, we mostly get as much fish as we would like from the market, so what is the big deal?

By the end of this lesson, we will know how catastrophic overfishing is and how we are heading down a steep slope to a global disaster if we do not act quickly enough.