What is being done about overfishing?

What is being done about overfishing?
What is being done about overfishing?
  • For many years, there have been all sorts of measures aimed at controlling overfishing, but many of them have not worked well. Below are a few of what is already in place in many fishing regions of the world.
  • Fisheries are encouraged to stick to their quota to limit the number of fish that can be caught at any time.
  • There are only a set number of days that fishing is allowed. This way, there is some fallow days for fish to breed and reproduce.
  • No-fishing zones have been marked in many areas to allow fishes to recover. In addition to that, fishing areas are rotated among fisheries so each fishery has a fair share of the days to fish.
  • Fishing gear that catches tiny or baby fishes is discouraged to allow the little fish to grow. Only large net-mesh are allowed in some areas.
  • These days, there are many monitoring equipment and installations set up to regulate the activities and movement of fishing trawlers.
  • Despite all this, the problem of overfishing is increasing and we are all heading for an environmental disaster if we do not do more. 
  • Volunteer to become an Observer: AN Observer is an individual trained to go onboard fishing trips and objectively document fisheries catch, location, discarding, bycatch composition and protected species entanglements.