Malaria Fact Sheet

Below are a few interesting facts on malaria…

Malaria and infants:

Approximately 80% of all malaria deaths occur in young African children. Infants are vulnerable to malaria from approximately 3 months of age when immunity acquired from the mother starts to wane.

Malaria prone regions:

Countries with high malaria occurrences are termed malaria-endemic countries

Malaria in pregnancy:

Malaria in pregnancy increases the risk of maternal anemia, stillbirth, spontaneous abortion, low birth weight, and neonatal death.

Malaria and HIV:

These are two of the most devastating global health problems of our time. – Together they cause more than 4 million deaths a year. HIV-infected is particularly vulnerable to malaria.

Economic costs:

The economic costs of malaria in Africa are huge. Malaria is estimated to cost Africa more than USD 12 billion every year in lost GDP.

The incubation period of malaria:

The time between the infective mosquito bite and the development of malaria symptoms can range from 7 to 40 days depending on the type of Plasmodia involved. One strain of Plasmodium, called P. vivax, may have a prolonged incubation period of eight to 10 months.