What is your role in water preservation?

Sometimes the magnitude of a problem can make one feel that there is nothing that they can do. But there is a lot you can do for water. There is a high chance that people reading this do not live in water-deprived areas and may think it is not their problem.

Here are some simple you can do to help.

  • Awareness and information

Learn about the water crisis, like you are doing now. If you understand a problem, you are in a better position to have a solution. Talk about it with family and friends. Look out for news and facts on water shortages and crisis areas. Get involved and stay informed.

  • Take part

Be part of competitions, organizations, and societies that aim to preserve and defend natural resources such as freshwater. Speak to your parents about donating or helping out charity grouped to provide water to the neediest places.

  • Use water wisely

Never assume that your society is too advanced to experience water shortage. If we do not acquire the right attitude towards water, it is only a matter of time, and one day there will be a shortage. Keep the tap off when not in use. Minimize the flushing of toilets and bath times. In effect, anything that you can do to save water, do it.

  • Industries and Governments

Join pressure groups that stop individuals, industries, and governments from cutting down trees and doing other things that pollute and degrade the environment. Do that in a safe, responsible, and honest way.