What are the sources of noise pollution?

Noise can come from many places. Let us see a few good sources:

Household sources:

Gadgets like food mixer, grinder, vacuum cleaner, washing machine and dryer, coolers, air conditioners, can be very noisy and injurious to health. Others include loudspeakers of sound systems and TVs, iPods, and earphones. Another example could be a dog barking all night every day at every shadow it sees, disturbing everyone else in the apartment.

Social events:

Places of worship, discos and gigs, parties, and other social events also create a lot of noise for the people living in that area. In many market areas, people sell with loudspeakers. Others shout out offers and try to get customers to buy their goods. It is important to note that when these events are not often, they can be called a nuisance rather than noise pollution.

Commercial and industrial activities:

Printing presses, manufacturing industries, and construction sites contribute to noise pollutions in large cities. In many industries, it is a requirement that people always wear earplugs to minimize their exposure to heavy noise. People who work with lawnmowers, tractors, and noisy equipment are also required to wear noise-proof gadgets.


Think of airplanes flying over houses close to busy airports like Heathrow (London) or O’hare (Chicago), overground and underground trains, vehicles on roads — these are always making a lot of noise, and people struggle to cope with them.

Can you think of your examples in your city, town, or village?