Types of wastewater

What are the sources of blackwater?
What are the sources of blackwater?

Wastewater comes in three main types namely Blackwater, Greywater, and Yellow water.


It is wastewater that originates from toilet fixtures, dishwashers, and food preparation sinks. Blackwater is made up of all the things that you can imagine going down the toilets, bath, and sink drains. They include poop, urine, toilet paper and wipes, body cleaning liquids, anal cleansing water, and so on. They are known to be highly contaminated with dissolved chemicals, particulate matter, and is very pathogenic.


It is wastewater that originates from non-toilet and food fixtures such as bathroom sinks, laundry machines, spas, bathtubs, and so on. Technically it is sewage that does not contain poop or urine. Greywater is treated very differently from Blackwater and is usually suitable for re-use.

Yellow water

It is urine collected with specific channels and not contaminated with either Blackwater or greywater.

Sources of wastewater

Domestic Sewage

This includes all wastewater generated by home dwellings, public restrooms, hotels, restaurants, motels, resorts, schools, places of worship, sports stadiums, hospitals, and other health centers, apartments, and the like. They all produce high volumes of wastewater.


These include water from floods (stormwater), runoff (rainwater running through cracks in the ground and into gutters), water from swimming pools, water from car garages and cleaning centers. They also include laundromats, beauty salons, commercial kitchens, energy generation plants, and so on.
Wastewater is also generated from agricultural facilities. Water is used for cleaning animal farms, washing harvested produce, and cleaning farm equipment.