Effects of hurricanes

The effects of hurricanes can be grouped into two: Impact on the weather and impact on the economy.

Impact on the weather

Storm Surge
Storm surge from hurricanes
Storm surge from hurricanes

Hurricanes bring about storm surges. The powerful spiral wind action can carry the water a couple of feet high and lash it ashore. A storm surge can destroy structures and items very close to the shore. Storm surges are the main causes of the floods that hurricanes bring.


Hurricanes carry a lot of rains with them, and even after the hurricane has subsided, it may continue to rain. This causes a lot of floods and brings about other types of destructive results.


Houses, cars, farms, and many other structures are blown away by the powerful winds that hurricanes produce.

Impact on the economy

Anytime there is a disaster caused by a natural phenomenon like hurricanes, floods, and fires, there is extensive property damage. People’s livelihoods are wiped away and may take many years to get things together again. In many cases, there are fatalities and entire communities are severely affected.

People may be forced to stay home for so long and businesses suffer as a result.

In addition to that, the state (or governments) spend huge amounts of resources in preparation for these occurrences. Emergency work and rebuilding of infrastructure cost the city a lot of money. It is known that Hurricane Sandy caused about 50 billion USD worth of damage to the people of the United States of America.