Important Simple Machine terms

A solid bar that rotates around a pivot and makes it easier to lift a load, move a heavy object, or apply a force.

A force is a push or a pull. The unit of Force is called the Newton. Force (F) = Mass x Acceleration.

The movement of an object resulting from a force applied to it. Movement is usually in the direction of the force. To calculate Work done, multiply Force (F) by Distance (D). W=FxD

Input Force
The effort or force you put into a machine.

Output Force
The force the machine produces as a result of the input force.

Power is the rate at which Work is done. Power is measured in Watt. Power = Work / Time

Mechanical Advantage (MA)
Simple machines do not work on their own. Someone has to apply the input force to make it do work. MA is the ratio between the input force and the output force. A Mechanical Advantage is produced when a simple machine amplifies a small input force to produce a greater output force.

Rotation Point
The axis or center that a wheel or disc spins.