Mating explained.

Now that we know all about the female and male reproductive systems, we shall now learn how they work together to make reproduction possible.

Reproduction starts when the male organ enters the female organ. The scientific term for this process is mating. It is also called Coitus or Copulation. 

During mating, the muscles of the male organ are filled with blood and become erect. Erection can happen anytime, even when there is no mating activity.

The glands at the head of the male reproductive organ swell and the testes enlarge. The stimulation of the male organ causes the sperm cells to be released into the female. 

During mating, the brain prepares both male and female organs for this act. In women, the brain causes the walls of the female organ to enlarge and lubricate themselves. Lubrication in the female organ is important for the male organ to do its job. It is important to note that mating is controlled by the brain. It tells both male and female organ parts what to do and when to do something.