Can you predict the weather?

Meteorologists have some cool equipment that helps them to predict the weather very well. You can also have a go and predict the weather with the knowledge of cloud types and their behavior. Here are a few things to watch.

Rains may come down today if:

Clouds are low or medium and are getting darker and thicker. Clear movement of heavy clouds across the sky, increasing in size, getting fuller, taller, and darker at the bottoms.

Clouds are moving in all directions. Sometimes this means very rough weather.

Rain clouds can form pretty quickly. They can begin forming in the morning, and by evening, it is raining heavily. You will notice this, especially on hot days, when clouds suddenly get bigger in a short period. The bottom or base of the clouds begins to drop lower and lower.

Weather will get better if:

The base or bottom of the cloud is rising. Sometimes the clouds begin to get patchy, and some of them disappear or fade away into clear skies. Heavy foggy conditions give way to clear skies by morning or early afternoon.

Rains may come down in a couple of days if:

High clouds (cirrus types) begin to join up, forming thicker clouds and gradually dropping to medium height. You will also begin to see them moving slowly. Usually, they will not fall in the location that you spotted them forming. Depending on wind action and other currents they will end up falling somewhere else.

Sometimes, the halo around them can also begin to fade and shrink. This happens when clouds are becoming thicker, and it can also be a good indicator of rain coming.

Cumulonimbus clouds are those that form with a very dark base, with fierce and thick fluffs. It is almost a sure thing that there are some monstrous rains with thunder and lightning approaching. Get to a safe place as soon as possible. Sometimes that can even come with tornadoes.