Advantages and disadvantages of asexual reproduction in organisms

Advantages of Asexual Reproduction.

  • More offsprings

Within a short period, more individuals can be produced from a single parent. 

  • Identical Offsprings

The individual organisms have the same genetic makeup as the parent. Good genetic traits are preserved.

  • Less time and energy

There is no need for the parent to find a mate for reproduction. Additionally, no parental care is needed as the offsprings are well-developed individuals. There is no baby stage.

  • Easy dispersal

Offsprings can be easily moved to other locations to start new colonies. No need for male and female movement.

Disadvantages of Asexual Reproduction.

  • Less Resistant

Changes in environmental conditions can be catastrophic to the organisms as there are no variations in their genes. Diseases can easily wipe out the entire colony of that organism.

Advantages of Sexual Reproduction.

  • Better resistance and adaptation

The offsprings from sexual reproduction have different genetic makeup from parents and siblings. This means the offsprings are able to withstand adverse environmental conditions and diseases.

  • Variety

There is variety in the offsprings because of reshuffling (mixing) of genes and this helps the new organisms in natural selection and evolution.

Disadvantages of Sexual Reproduction.

  • Less common

The requirement of both male and female sexes makes sexual reproduction less common than asexual reproduction. It takes more time and energy for opposite sexes to find and compete for a chance to mate.

  • Longer gestation periods

It usually takes a longer time for the offspring to develop and mature enough to be born. For example, elephants take 624 days for the baby to develop and be born.

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