Tips to help prevent bullying!

Coping with bullying can be very difficult. First, understand that you are not the problem. The problem is the bully. Like everyone else in the class or school, you have the same rights to everything, including freedom and safety. Doing nothing might suggest to him that there is no problem. Be very firm and say it straight to his face that you do not like what he does. Act brave.

Sometimes you can ignore him to let him know that you don’t care about his comments or insults to you.

Below are a few more tips that can help.

Try to avoid the bully.

If you have to go to a place (bathroom, canteen, games room, locker room) where you may meet the bully, try going with a friend. Do not go alone. Try to make friends with those who use the bus, hallway, or waiting room so you can move with them.

Try to stay calm and be patient.

Bullies feel good when they are challenged or when you lose your temper. Ignore him and walk away. If he teases or laughs at you, try counting up to 10 slowly in your mind and head for the exit. This trick is great for temper control and you always come out stronger in the end.

Tell an adult.

Adults like your teacher, parent, school nurse, or even older friend can help. They usually have good advice and ways of ending that bully’s activities.

Make friends.

Bullies tend to pick on people who do things alone. Try and make friends with more than one person and try to move with them. There is always strength in numbers.

Look out for your friends.

Yes, that’s what real friends are for. If you see someone bullying another, you need to do something about it. There is a wise saying that goes “evil thrives when good people do nothing” If you feel you are strong enough to face him, you can tell him that what he is doing is wrong (Do not go and fight him, just make your point). You can also encourage the victim to report it and stand by him as a witness.

Remember that you should never do to others what you would not like others to do to you. This means you should stay well away from gangs and groups that gossip, laugh, and kick others.